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Quality Policy

Enacted by management as follows:

To continuously improve quality of product and quality of service to provide customer satisfaction with the quality of operations

With teamwork and standards-based operation, we aim to expand our global presence by strengthening the existing domestic foundation with the goal of setting CGPC as a model for the plastics industry.

Based on our goal, all employees at all levels of our factory and in the office are devoted to their own jobs and actively participate in quality management activities that conform to international standards. We rely on our quality policy so as to win the confidence of customers.

Improving Quality of Product and Improving Quality of Service Providing customer satisfaction with the Quality of operation


Quality Policy Commitment

The company’s various departments to establish quality objectives and implementation of the program and to review and optimize in the management review. various departments in charge to ensuring that all employees are fully understood and applied to their work In order to establish and maintain an efficient, economical and meet the requirements of international quality management system to achieve our goal.

Our commitment to quality policy are:

To meet customer needs.

To meet the regulation requirements.

Full participation.

Continuous improvement.

Quality Policy Implementation

Quality policy advocacy

this policy is known to all staff by various meetings, education and training, supplemented by various publications and communication channels.

Quality policy implementation

With the establishment of quality policy, establish goal, planning, implement auditing and improve planning. The quality policy can be improved by PDCA and can meet the needs.

Quality policy continue improvement

Based on the Company’s development strategy and market conditions, the Company sets its business policy and annual quality objectives annually and implements the PDCA improvement activities to ensure that the targets are met.

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